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Landscape Fabric and Edging Landscape Fabric and Edging Landscape Fabric and Edging

Quality landscape materials for your project

Keep your landscaping from washing away

  • Fabrics (3oz spun bound)

  • 3 ft

  • 4 ft

  • 6 ft

  • 20-ft edging

When you want top-quality landscape supplies, Dave's Mulch Store is the place to go. Not only do we have the fabric and edging to keep your landscaping where it belongs, but we also have a variety of mulch blends, and can even provide you with reliable delivery.

Contact us to receive FREE calculations on the amount of materials you'll need:

Find The Quality Landscape Fabric And Edging You Need

Landscape fabric is specially designed to keep soil in place and acts as a barrier to help keep the weeds out of your garden. It is perfect for keeping your landscaping beautiful. Our edging is made out of vinyl and acts as a barrier for mowing so mulch doesn't get thrown out of the area. At Dave's Mulch Store, we're ready to help you get your landscaping project started.


With multiple options to choose from, we'll be able to help you find the right amount of fabric and edging you need to keep your mulch where it belongs.